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Jeremiah Gray

    JAAG is recording artist, composer, and director Jeremiah Gray. From Newbury Park CA, his began playing music at 17 when, inspired by Jack Bruce of 1960’s rock trio ‘Cream’, he picked up the bass began studying music. He has studied classical voice and theory at Moorpark College, and has a BA in Music Composition and Production from California Lutheran University.


    JAAG elicits a thrilling spectrum of musical genres and arrangements, ranging from fiery alt-rock TENACITY, uplifting, full choir gospel The Promised Land , anthemic pop ballad Aglow, and dark pop hit Tension.

  JAAG is distinguished by his genre bending versatility and thematic melodies, that leave you humming long after your first listen.

    Recently, JAAG has an award winning music video for their song Aglow on the festival circuit, and a hot new record TENACITY that released on April 30th!

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